“Art does not reproduce what we see. It makes us see”

Paul Klee

I have never been interested in making representational art, I have only ever been interested in creating a synesthesia experience: emotions, memories, ideas – how can I express and invoke these in image: what colors equate to awe or grief? How can I get the viewer to experience my experience? Can complicated feelings exist in juxtaposition on the page?

At an early age, while drawing, I discovered that art was my jam. It lit a spark, an understanding, it was a language I just somehow knew how to decipher. I was lucky my parents saw this and encouraged me. A few years later when I got my first camera, another spark was lit. Ever since, I have kept up the two practices in various experiments, unable to divorce from them and always seeking to find a way to somehow marry painting with photography and photography with painting. They are the two sides of my coin. Even when I briefly studied video, it was an experiment in a painterly photography moving through time.

Multi-media Arts
Photography (coming soon)

“Art is the most direct path towards knowing myself”

When I couldn’t speak or even understand my truth, I could always turn to art-making for expression. Art has been a gauge for how I’m feeling, what I’m thinking and where I wish to go in my future but it has also been a tool to help me find that understanding. Artworks are the mile markers along my healing journey.